Strategic planning update

As we advised last year, WAAIME formed an ad-hoc Strategic Planning Committee to focus on where we want to take the Division in the future. We held our inaugural meetings of that committee during the MINEXCHANGE 2024 SME Annual Conference & Expo in Phoenix, AZ.

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Update, WAAIME looks to the future

In our last WAAIME Newsletter, we welcomed about 80 new volunteers to the WAAIME organization and encouraged them all to get involved. Since that time, we have assigned those volunteers to one of our four committees under the leadership of the respective committee chairs.

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WAAIME looks to the future

Welcome new WAAIME volunteers! The WAAIME Executive Committee extends its warmest welcome to the newest members of our WAAIME volunteer family. We received 53 new volunteers so far this year and are thrilled to have their commitment to help support the philanthropic work and growth of our organization.

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Call for nominations for Founders Award and Executive Committee

The Founders Award was established by WAAIME in 2014. It is presented to a person in recognition of her or his exemplary service to WAAIME and its goals. This award is designed to replace the WAAIME National Honorary Member program and to recognize those members who have contributed significantly to a local section, the national board or committee or to further the goals and purposes as set forth in WAAIME’s incorporation. This award is funded by our founding section, Tri-State (NY-NJCT), and is given in honor of their many years of service and hard work to build the WAAIME fund that promotes the many industries that make up the original American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers and its member societies, SME, SPE, TMS and AIST.

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Eugenia Lomelin will receive the WAAIME Founders award

Eugenia has participated in several WAAIME meetings in the United States and Peru, and she took Communities Development training courses in Spain. She is an active fundraiser in support earth-science students and promotes English courses to students interested in pursuing graduate studies in the United States. During the last 40 years, she has served as the International Representative of the Mexico City and Torreon Sections to WAAIME and she participates with the SME Committee.

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MineXChange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo

Please join us for MineXChange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo February 23-26 in Phoenix, Arizona! Registration is online now for WAAIME members. Go to and use the code WAAIME20 at checkout. This code is for WAAIME members only. You can be sure there will be plenty of opportunity to engage with the WAAIME Executive Committee, other WAAIME members, and have some fun as we explore the sights around Phoenix.

Executive Committee Visits Peru 2019

In September, the Executive Committee visited Peru! In an effort to reach out and visit different sections of WAAIME, the group accepted the invitation to visit Peru to get to know some of the South American sections. Not only were bonds formed and information shared about the great WAAIME work being done in this area, the Committee was able to get a glimpse of a beautiful country, experience some rich culture, and make memories that will surely last a lifetime. Cathedrals, Cusco, Machu Picchu, music, ruins, alpacas, and street vendors are details that will stand out as colorful highlights of the trip. WAAIME hopes to visit more sections in the future and learn more about WAAIME sections and what they do to further their mission.

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Annual WAAIME Meeting 2019

The annual meeting was held in Denver February 23-27 2019. There were a many wonderful events for the members to experience, as well as time to spend time in learning about students and give scholarships to help with the funding of their education. When we were not conducting business meetings and making decisions for the WAAIME group, we had a good time being together and had some fun. We enjoyed an escape room experience, dinner at Oceanairre Restaurant, Maggiano’s Restaurant, watched a murder mystery show, enjoyed wine and dessert, and then toured Denver on a bus around downtown.

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Mid Year WAAIME Meeting 2018

Our mid year meeting was held in Pittsburgh, Pa, Sept 26-29 2018. I would like to thank our PA/W section and Jean Davin for arranging a very diverse and entertaining week. All members in attendance received a useful canvas bag embroidered with our WAAIME logo. We were pleased to have members from our international sections Chile, Peru, Mexico, Canada, as well as those across the U.S. we enjoyed lunch at a spanish restaurant called the Marjorca , a tour of the Phipps Conservatory, a private wine tasting sponsored by Jean Davin and their winery, Sparkling Ponds, dinner on Mt Washington at the Vue 412 with a beautiful view of the city below, a dinner cruise complete with fireworks, a trip to the Andy Warhol museum, culminating with brunch at the Grand Concourse in station square . It is housed in the beautifully preserved Pittsburg & Lake Erie Railraid Station. The restaurant is a true testament of grandeur with cathedral stained glass vaulted ceilings with marble columns and a grand staircase. Did I mention the fabulous buffet, it was scrumptious! You may read all of our business conducted in the minutes. We plan to have special events at our annual meeting in Denver, February 23-27. Registration is now open, just use promo code WAAIME19. Please make plans to attend!

Lydia Hull, WAAIME Chair

WAAIME Names Its inaugural PHD Fellowship

WAAIME is proud to announce the inaugural Lou Henry Hoover WAAIME Fellowship. This Fellowship is given in conjunction with SME’s Fellowships.

Lou Henry Hoover embodied the WAAIME spirit of dedication to the mining/geology fields, her love of learning and education, her spirit of selfless dedication to charitable causes throughout her life, and her willingness to step in and volunteer for America in so many venues. Her husband, President Herbert Hoover stated, ”she was a symbol of everything wholesome in American life.”

Lou Henry Hoover was the first woman to earn a degree in Geology from Stanford University. She met and married Henry Hoover, a geologist and mining engineer and future president of the United States. She had 2 sons, one who became a mining engineer. Lou Henry Hoover was President of WAAIME from February 1928 to February 1929, becoming the 1st Lady if the United States in March 4, 1929.

Lydia Hull, WAAIME Chair

WAAIME Newsletter Nov 2017

  • WAAIME Executive Committee approves plans for 2017-2018
  • Winnell Burt is 2018 Founders Award winner
  • Minutes of the WAAIME finance and scholarship meeting
  • Minutes of the WAAIME Executive Committee midyear meeting
  • Missouri-Rolla supports local schools and science-camp scholar
  • Pinal Mountain Section donates books; awards scholarship
  • Chile-Santiago sends geology student to GSA competition
  • Activities of the Mexico-Torreon Section
  • Peru-Lima section celebrates its 64th anniversary and WAAIME’s 100th

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