WAAIME Executive Committee

WAAIME executive committee is a five person committee.One international representative and four domestic members at large. The WAAIME membership nominates these members each November. The international representative serve a three-year term, the remaining committee members each serve a term of four years with the fourth year rotating into the chair position all five have equal voting rights with the chair presiding.

2023 WAAIME (National/International) Officers

Lydia Hull
Susana Paliomino, Chair
International Representative
Katherine Pinochet
Margaret Mansanti
Barb Filas

2023 Waaime Committee

2023 WAAIME Committee
2023 WAAIME Committee
Barb Filas, Lydia Hull Chair, Katherine Pinochet past chair, Margaret Mansanti chair elect, Susana Paliomino international chair

This national/international WAAIME organization is made up of Sections in mining communities around the world, with each section governed by their local officers.

Each section, as well as parent organization has several committees, including: Scholarship, Membership, Operation Practices, and other special committees (such as the100th anniversary).