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WAAIME is now a division of SME, through a merger in 2008. Since the merger WAAIME has continued to support students with scholarships. WAAIME (formerly known as the Women’s Auxiliary to the American Institute of Mining Engineers) was created on February 20, 1917 to do philanthropic work in local mining communities where members lived, providing service to the country, to the community and to provide scholarships.



WAAIME Objectives

The WAAIME objectives, as written by President Mrs. Lou Henry Hoover in her letter to her membership in February 1959, remain:

  • Section 1. To render service to the country and to the community through all that pertains to the interest of the professions of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineering.
  • Section 2. To promote philanthropic work and the interchange of ideas amongst its members.
  • Section 3. To devise and promote ways and means of procuring a fund and to maintain such fund for the purpose of assisting promising students to obtain a technical education in Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineering and their allied subjects.


Annually, new nominations are sought for the longest WAAIME Committee member. Nominations are selected from the outgoing committee member’s area or region.

2023 Waaime Committee

2023 WAAIME Committee
2023 WAAIME Committee
Barb Filas, Lydia Hull Chair, Katherine Pinochet past chair, Margaret Mansanti chair elect, Susana Paliomino international chair

If you have additional questions, please contact:

WAAIME Staff Liaison - Michelle Kroeger
Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
12999 E. Adam Aircraft Circle
Englewood, CO 80112
Ph: 303.948.4211