Scholarship Application Guidelines

Applying for the 2020‐2021  WAAIME Scholarship

Eligible students include Juniors, Seniors, 5th‐year Seniors, and students returning  to school immediately following co‐op/internship  positions in one of fields of  study noted above.  All must be registered for no less than 12 academic hours per  semester in the upcoming school year.  Graduate students will be considered on a need basis. Each student is eligible for a maximum of three WAAIME scholarships.

We are unable to accept applications from students living in countries where there is no WAAIME Section.

Student members of any AIME Member Society (AIST, SME, SPE, TMS) are eligible, and are encouraged to apply. New Society membership information can be found at:

In the 100‐year tradition, the WAAIME Scholarship fund continues to provide  financial scholarships to students pursuing earth science degrees including  mining, geological sciences, metallurgy, petroleum, mineral sciences, materials  science, mineral economics, chemical engineering and other related studies. 

Applications will be accepted from January 15 through February 5 each year.

Be sure to thoroughly review your application before pushing the SUBMIT button, as as there is no save button and incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

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